My Top 5 Favorite TV Shows Right Now

My Top 5 Favorite TV Shows Right Now

Let's face it, as a mom the majority of the time I'm stuck watching Lion Guard, PJ Masks, or some Disney movie (which I admit, I love). But when I do finally get the kids to bed and get to catch up on shows that I've recorded, these are the top five things I love to watch.

 5. American Ninja Warrior

This show is great for the whole family and has definitely inspired some competition within our home. Everyday people try to complete several rounds of obstacles on a course that increases in difficulty in order to win one million dollars and the title of "America Ninja Warrior". Only two people have ever completed it and it was in the same season in 2015. This show has you on the edge of your seat the entire time and rooting for your favorites to make it all the way and not fall into the water and be disqualified. My son loves to watch it and the create "obstacle courses" throughout the living room by putting pillows across the floor and jumping from one to another. It's truly amazing to see normal, everyday people accomplishing some crazy-hard obstacles!

 4. Jane The Virgin

Told like a telanovela (Spanish soap opera), this show is funny, heart-warming, and overly dramatic. And I love it. The story is of Jane, a girl who, despite never having sex, is accidentally artificially inseminated and has a baby. The show chronicles how this good girl is trying to keep it all together while dealing with crazy family members, a baby daddy, grad school, and everything in between. The characters are so fun and it has Justin Baldoni shirtless pretty often, which is always a win. 

3. Shark Tank

If you're not aware of what this show is about, it features 5 multimillionaires and billionaires that are "the sharks" and are looking for companies to invest in. Small business owners go into the "shark tank" and give their pitch. The sharks have the option to invest in their company or go out. The entrepreneur in me loves this show because it gives me hope that people with an idea and a lot of hustle can make it happen. They can have the desires of their heart. Dreams can come true if you do your research, strive for the best, and never settle. I love seeing the little guy succeed. And I love the evilness of Mr Wonderful (Kevin O'Leary). He's the Simon Cowell of business ventures and though he's a little abrasive a lot of the time, he's usually right. 

 2. Ellen 

Oh, Ellen. I've been watching her show off and on for over a decade now. Wow, that makes me sound old... While I love that Ellen is hilarious without being dirty, what I love more is her compassion toward others. Almost every show she is celebrating someone's success, their dedication to helping others, or putting a spotlight on someone's talent. It's a fun show to watch and her kindness is infectious. I really enjoy that fact that every time I watch it, I laugh out loud, and my son loves that every show starts with a dance party - which, of course, he joins in on.

So what's my number one favorite show? Drumroll.......

 1. This Is Us

If you are not watching this show, stop what you are doing right now and find it online and catch up! I don't even know where to begin on this one. It hits all the right notes - family relationships, personal insecurities, and keeps you on your toes with "aha moments" every single episode. The show flip flops over several decades over the course of a family's life. It's really neat to see pieces of relationships at all of its different stages over the years. It's a really fantastic show. Just be prepared to cry big ugly tears from night one on.

Are any of these one of your top five favorite shows? If not, what's your favorites?

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