A Trip Guide to All Things Kerrville, Texas

A Trip Guide to All Things Kerrville, Texas

This post was sponsored in kind by the various establishments of Kerrville, Texas. The photos and opinions are mine.


If you live in Texas, you know the "usual" touristy places that people go to for weekend getaways. You know, places like San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Galveston, Houston, Wimberly, Round Top, Gruene, Fredericksberg, etc. But in an effort to highlight some unknown places, I'd like to introduce you to Kerrville. This cute little town is composed of college kids, retirees, and everything in between. It's got all the small town charm you could ever want with a healthy mix of trendy spots for coffee, shopping, and more. Need a little more convincing? Here's a little look into my recent trip there with Toast from the Host, Positively Beautiful Life, and Hello There Love.

Lodging. We stayed in the cutest little AirBnB right in the middle of town called The Garrett House. Not only was the location awesome for walking around downtown, but it was the perfect blend of historic charm and modern conveniences. I don't know about you, but I love staying in AirBnB's because of the little details and quirks that each one brings. I was super impressed with this house because they have literally thought of everything - digital thermometers on the shower knobs, built in iPhone chargers by each bed, and anything you can imagine needing in the kitchen - even tablecloths! And I can't say enough nice things about the owner, Kim. She was over the top helpful in helping us plan our trip and making sure everything was perfect for our trip. I *highly* suggest you stay at this home!

Restaurants. There is pretty much anything you could ever want to eat here. I'll highlight a couple of our favorite places we ate at.

Francisco's. This eclectic restaurant has some interesting modern art pieces on the walls, all while serving a mix of Mexican food and tea room type fare. It sounds weird, but the food and service was amazing!

Rails Cafe. This old train depot turned restaurant is quaint, but don't you think for a second that their food isn't anything but amazing.

Grape Juice. This place is definitely a local's favorite spot. What started as a wine store turned into a restaurant and wine shop and their food is out of this world. Pro tip: if you go, you will NOT be disappointed if you get the sweet heat schmear, brussel sprouts, and quail lettuce wraps. You can thank me later.

Pax Coffee & Goods. Walking into this coffee shop you're stepping into nothing less than a place you might see in any busy downtown city. It's eclectic decor, fun vibe, and delicious coffee make it a great stop for any coffee lover.

Shopping. Of course there are antique stores everywhere (it wouldn't be a small Texas town without a few), but if you're looking for clothing, their creme de la creme is at Schreiner Goods. This gorgeous store, while pricey, has a lot to offer its patrons in the way of stylish clothing options, jewelry, and handbags.


Biking. If you'd like a fun way to get around town or to take on the Guadalupe River Trail, you should consider renting a bicycle from Hill Country Bicycle Works.

Floral Design. Not typically one of their offerings, but Tricia from Viridian Design Studio came to The Garrett House and showed us how to create our own wildflower centerpieces. I still have a ways to go in my floral design skills, but it was a lot of fun to see the amount of artistry that goes into creating such beautiful pieces as Tricia does.


There are also numerous wineries, breweries, and historic sites like the Schreiner Mansion, Sculpture Prayer Gardens, and the James Avery jewelry Visitor Center to check out.


We had such a great time getting to know the people of Kerrville and exploring their cute little town. I hope you choose to check out this hidden gem on your next weekend getaway.

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