An Interactive Dessert That Will Impress Your Guests This Christmas!

An Interactive Dessert That Will Impress Your Guests This Christmas!

This post is sponsored by Jo Ann Fabrics. The ideas and photos are mine.

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Oh man, do I love everything sweet! And when Christmas time comes around, there's really nothing holding me back! So for this Christmas I wanted to take something I've shown you before and make it new. I'm talking about those tasty little meringue cookies.

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Meringues are a great dessert because they're light and airy and hardly any calories. Plus, they look really impressive when they're really not that hard to make. But in order to jazz these classic morsels up a bit, I thought I'd show you how to turn these pretty little cookies into fabulous, show stopping dessert trees. And the best part? Guests can pick them right off the tree and eat them!

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Using this recipe for meringue kisses, a little royal icing and a styrofoam cone, you too can create an elegant and edible focal point for your holiday table.

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Here's what you'll need:

  • 3 Dozen Meringues.* You can buy them pre-made at the store or you can make your own using my recipe here. If you decide to make your own, be sure to use food coloring and top them with sprinkles for a little added festivity.

  • A Styrofoam Cone. I like the 9" tall or the 12" tall ones the best.

  • Royal Icing. (here's a simple recipe for it)

  • Sugar Pearls. They should be about the size of a pea.

  • Ribbon. I recommend using ribbon that's around 1" wide.

  • Mist Color Food Spray. My favorite item to add a little sparkle to your finished product.


  1. Take a meringue and put a dollop of royal icing on the back. Starting at the base of the cone, stick the royal icing side of the meringue onto the tree. Continue this process around the base of the tree and then work your way up to the tip of the cone. You'll want to fit the meringues as close together as possible, but be careful not to break the meringues...they're delicate and will break easily!

  2. After your tree is full with meringues, go back and add the sugar pearls into the open spaces between the cookies.

  3. Next, you'll be adding the ribbon on top. Royal icing is pretty strong stuff, so after you've tied a box into your ribbon, just put a generous amount on the back of the knot on the bow and attach it to the top of the meringue tree.

  4. For the completed look, take your mist color food spray and lightly spray a little color on the tree. I like the silver and gold colors the best, but they have a bunch of colors to choose from if you have a specific color palette you're working with!

*If meringues aren't your thing, you can also use other types of cookies as well!

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I can't wait to see your meringue trees in action! If you'd like to see more projects like this one, follow me on Pinterest!

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