How to Write A Love Letter

How to Write A Love Letter


I’ve always been a romantic at heart. Romantic comedies and dramas always suck me in and movies like “The Notebook” have me crying like a baby. What can I say? I’m a sap. In today’s world of emails, texts, and instant gratification, how refreshing would it be to get an actual letter - a love letter to be exact - from my honey. If you’re like me and you don’t want anyTHING for Valentine's Day, show him this post. It’s amazing what a tender, loving note from your honey with him telling you what you mean to him can do. Heck, forward it to him! Guys usually aren’t that perceptive with hints, and he’ll be thrilled he won’t have to go to a store to get you something! I’ve put together a few tips on how to write a meaningful love letter. It’s sure to make your honey swoon.


1. Who. This is your opening line. What do you normally call your sweetheart? Babe? Honey? Sugar lips? Write that down.


2. What. This is where you introduce what you’re doing - ie writing a love letter.


3. Why. Why are you writing a love letter? BecUse it’s Valentine’s Day and you want to tell her what she means to you, that’s why!


4. Past. This is where you’ll talk about when you met, when you first got together, your favorite date, how you knew she was “the one”, etc. This is the place to recall a romantic memory.


5. Present. This is where you’ll talk about reasons why you love her, how your life has changed since meeting her, and what you appreciate about her.


6. Future. Here, you’ll reaffirm your love and commitment to her, and state your hopes for the rest of your time together.


General Tips

Be super personal and super specific. We like details.

If you’re feeling stuck, use quotes. If you’re not so good with words, call in the professionals for help.

Dont worry about length. Long or short - it doesn’t matter. She’ll love that it’s from the heart.



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