"Mom Moments" & Life Lessons

"Mom Moments" & Life Lessons

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This post is sponsored by Kleenex® Facial Tissue, but all photos and opinions are mine.

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As back to school season rolls around, I start to get sentimental about how fast time has flown by. From purchasing to diapers to school supplies, it’s hard to believe just where this parenting journey has taken me. But like any mom can confirm, it hasn’t been easy. Being a mom is hard. Like, real hard. I had a situation the other day where we were out to eat with my parents and I told my 5-year-old son he couldn't get something, and he flipped out and screamed in my face. I was stopped dead in my tracks. I was angry and hurt and confused. Of course, he was given a stern talking to and punished (and he later apologized), but it still left me feeling inadequate as a mom. Why was he acting out? Where did I go wrong?

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The very next day, we were watching a movie and a woman gave birth and he saw the mom scared, screaming, crying, etc. and he had so many questions for me. He asked me if it hurt when I had him and wanted to know why I would go through that for him. This was such a special moment for us to share because it was the first time in his little life that he realized a sacrifice I made for him. With tears in his eyes, he looked up at me and said, ͞"Thank you for loving me Mama."

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I'm tearing up again now just thinking about it. I never knew I needed to hear that from him. What a wonder it did for me as a parent and for our relationship! These "Mom Moments" are sometimes few and far between, but man, are they the good stuff in life. "Mom Moments" are those moments that hit you out of the blue – when you realize just how precious life is.

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This back to school season, I’ve been especially conscious of the way that I can give back to my community and help teachers out. As moms, we often forget that it doesn’t take big gestures to be classroom heroes, and you certainly don’t have to be supermom all the time. I like to help out by providing some of the essentials that classrooms need (and my own household can never get enough of) – Kleenex® Tissues!

Whether it's wiping away tears, kissing scraped knees, or just a touching movie moment at home, Kleenex® Facial Tissue has it covered. And while you're grabbing those tissues, why not opt for the Kleenex Facial Tissue back to school bundle from Costco? This "Made to Give More" 10-pack is perfect for runny noses and comes with extra Box Tops.

The Hurried Hostess Costco kleenex box tops back to school_0001.jpg

If you're not familiar with it, the Box Tops program allows schools to receive 10 cents for every Box Top sent in for that particular school. My kids' school collects them, and it's allowed them to receive all sorts of additional funding – just from the parents buying products they already use and submitting the Box Tops. Teachers all over the U.S. are buying extra supplies for their classrooms with their own money and this is an easy way that you can help!

Buy the 10-pack of Kleenex Facial Tissue at Costco and donate them to the school, and then submit the Box Tops for additional money for them to use for supplies! Kleenex Facial Tissue at Costco is made to give more! This particular bundle includes 15 extra Box Tops in every package and has fun school-themed designs on it. And if you're shopping at Costco between 8/9/18 and 9/2/18, there's a $4 discount taken off at the register for Costco members - so it's a win-win for everybody!

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This post is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kleenex Facial Tissue.

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