My Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

My Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

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As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I've had my share of lackluster and gimmicky products. So before you go buying that quesadilla maker, check out this list for my top 10 list for the must have kitchen gadgets.

Citrus Peeler. This is the cheapest and coolest gadget on this list. At just a dollar a piece, this little guy saves me tons of time! It's by far the easiest way to peel oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit and is so easy to use that even my kiddos can do it.

Immersion Blender. This little gem makes blending creamy soups and protein shakes a breeze! And I love that it's way easier to clean than a traditional blender as well!

Large Measuring Cup with Lid. This is my go to mixing bowl!

Butter Keeper. This handy little tool helps you keep your butter at room temperature and spreadable. Just make sure to only use salted butter in it, as the salt helps preserve the butter.

Kitchenaid Mixer. This machine is a workhorse in my kitchen. My favorite thing to use it for is meringue and whipping those egg whites into submission!

Griddle Pan. This handy stove top pan makes cooking burgers and pancakes a snap! I also love that it has dual sides, so you can go from grilling steaks to frying an egg with a simple flip of the pan!

Laser Thermometer. No more piercing meat to see if it's done and having all the juices run out! This is one tool that my husband loves too!

Spatula. What kitchen isn't complete with one (or seven) of these things? But not just any spatula will do! I love the silicone ones that are able to squeegee every last bit out a mixing bowl!

Dehydrator. This is such a cool gadget. I love making my own jerky, dehydrating fruit for snacks, and making my own healthy version of fruit roll ups.

Microplane Zester. This tool makes it easy to zest citrus, grate nutmeg, and so much more!

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The Love Bite

The Love Bite

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Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp

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