Seabrook Waffle Co

Seabrook Waffle Co

Working from home during the summer is no joke with kids. There is no rest. There is no sitting down at my computer for an extended amount of time being able to focus. Therefore my "work time" is condensed down to nap time and bed time. Being pulled in two different directions leaves for one tired mommy. But this summer, I decided that Hayden (my four year old son) was going to help his Momma. He is one sweet (but opinionated) little boy, so he'll be my helpful taste tester. Instead of just reviewing the places I eat by myself, he will be helping me eat at and review some local restaurants. The rule is that he has to take at least one bite of everything we order. Watch out kids - he doesn't hold anything back! 

In full honesty, I've been to Seabrook Waffle Co before, and it was so good that I went there again just so I could snap some photos and tell you all about it. First of all, forget everything you know about Americanized "Belgian waffles". The real deal Belgian waffles are naturally sweet (so they don't need syrup) and they have a little crunch to them because of the Belgian Pearl Sugar that's in them. This hole in the wall place just over the Kemah Bridge even has them stacked up amongst the dining tables. Gotta do what ya gotta do, I guess. Here's a little look at what we got.


H was super excited to go inside and get his waffles! He wanted one with chocolate, but I had to pull the "mom card" and make it a little bit more of a healthy choice since we were there for breakfast.


PB & J Not. This was Hayden's choice. It's a Belgian waffle topped with almond butter, strawberry jam, and fresh strawberries. He devoured it. And through his stuffed mouth, I got a "it's good". SO there you have it folks, 4 year old approved.


Chicken & Waffle. Of course this was my choice. This Belgian waffle was topped with Swiss cheese, breaded chicken breast, Hollandaise sauce, and green onions. Hayden only got one bite, but he asked for another - so in his world, that means it was amazing - and I concur. (PS I'm totally putting this nicely - he reached his fork over onto my plate and I might have fork checked him)


Bay Breeze. This Belgian waffle is topped with Speculoos (cookie butter), freshly whipped cream, and fresh strawberries. This was so insanely good. We devoured it. I'm pretty sure I could bathe in that whipped cream.


Brunch is served! However, the Seabrook Waffle Co. is open all day, so you can stop by for a waffle whenever the mood strikes you - except on Sundays.

I asked Hayden's thoughts on our breakfast and he said, "It was good, but it took to long." I agree - but what can you expect from a tiny kitchen where they use a toaster oven to melt the cheese on the waffles? This place is delicious, but it's far from fancy. Try it out this summer!

Beach Day (Party Package)

Beach Day (Party Package)

Tom + Chee

Tom + Chee

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