What to See, Eat, and Do in Dallas, Texas

What to See, Eat, and Do in Dallas, Texas

This post was sponsored in kind by some of the locations listed below. The photos and opinions are mine.

I love a good road trip, don't you? Last week, my mom and I went across the great state of Texas and stopped at a few places along the way. The first of several stops were in Dallas, Texas. Dallas is such a diverse city! There really is something for everyone there!

Where to Stay

Instead of the traditional hotel (boring), I highly recommend you try a local's place. Air BnB offers some really great places for groups of all sizes. This contemporary bungalow that we stayed in was just perfect for my Mom and I on our girl's trip. It's open floor plan, great amenities, and proximity to restaurants and other activities was awesome! It can house up to four guests, and you'll have plenty of space to roam around in, cook a home cooked meal in the gourmet kitchen, and even wash your clothes if you need to! There really is no better way to travel than staying in a local's home. Plus, you always get more bang for your buck this way.

Interested in trying out AirBnB? Use this link to get $40 towards your first trip on me!

Where to Eat

Ross & Hall. If you're looking for a fun place to watch a sporting event, have a drink, and a bite to eat, then this is the place to be. Their patio is fantastic and dog friendly too!

You can see my full review here:

Pie Tap. This place was awesome! Their food had super fresh ingredients, their staff was friendly, and the decor was great too!

You can see my full review here:

Mash'd. This was my favorite place to eat in Dallas, by far. Their food was super tasty, their staff was over the top amazing, and the place's vibe was really cool.

You can see my full review here:

What To Do

Texas Tulips. Want to frolic in fields of tulips? Then you had better be there during the month of March! You can pick your own flowers and create your own bouquets! There's all different colors and varieties to choose from, plus it's always a blast to be on a real working farm.

The Hurried Hostess Things to do eat stay in Dallas Texas_0109.jpg

Southfork Ranch. If you've ever seen the show Dallas (both the original and the remake), this is where they filmed! This gorgeous property hosts tours, trail rides, weddings, and all sorts of events. You can find the ranch outside of Dallas at 3700 Hogge Rd, Parker, TX.

Dallas Arboretum. This may be the prettiest place to see in all of Dallas. This beautiful arrangements of gardens is gorgeous all year round! Tickets are $15 each (or buy one get one free on Wednesdays) and you can also have tea there on certain days! Reservations for tea are required here.

The Hurried Hostess Things to do eat stay in Dallas Texas_0103.jpg

State Fair of Texas. If you're visiting from September 28th through October 21st, you can see all the shows, food, and exhibits they have to offer! It's $45 for a season pass, or $65 for a 2 season pass pack.

Dallas World Aquarium. Make a date with the fishes. It's open 9-5. Entry for adults are $20.95 and children are $14.95.

Deep Ellum Neighborhood. This funky little neighborhood is an up and coming area in Dallas. It has the neatest shops, boutiques, restaurants, and hole in the wall places. Plus, if you love graffiti art and murals, this is the place to be!

Giant Eyeball. It's a giant eyeball. That's about it. It's weird, but it's free and makes a good photo op. It's located in front of the Joule Hotel at 1607 Main St.

Hiking at Katy Trail. If you're looking to stretch your legs a bit after a long drive, this might be just what you need! These park trails are open from 5am to midnight.

Meadows Foundation - Wilson Historic District. These beautifully restored homes are such a great place for photos, taking a scenic stroll, and taking a step back in time. They're all so unique and beautiful!

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Are you a history buff? Then you might want to check out the location where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy from. IT's $16 for adults and $13 for youth, but it's worth it! Just make sure to buy your tickets online and get there early because the lines do form quickly!

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hurried hostess where to stay in dallas.jpg
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